Kentucky Clown Derby Schedule

25th Anniversary Final Edition

Classes & Shows Will Be Held at: Florida Station Church of God 1045 W 375 N Anderson, IN 46011

Thursday November 2nd

Dealers set up at 4:00 with Dealer & Staff Meeting at 7:00


Friday November 3rd

8:00-10:00 Registration Open

8:30-8:45 Morning Devotions: Chris Burton                                                  

9:00-4:00 Pre-Convention Classes: Performance Skills for the Serious Entertainer!

Additional fees required: please see registration form.

Fabulous Face Painting with Hope Holmes & Mary Ann Ross         

This all day face painting workshop will take you from a zero to a hero! Whether you are just starting out or a veteran in painting a moving canvas, you will leave this workshop with a treasure trove of designs, tips and tricks to wow your clients and take your painting skills to the next level.

The Fun Family Entertainer with Riz 

Would you like to learn how to perform for children of all ages? Want to learn how to amaze and educate at pre-schools, libraries and birthday parties? This is the perfect experience for you as you participate in this highly entertaining and educational day.


Balloon Décor with Chris Burton CBA

This is a hands-on class, so after we make all this cool stuff, bring your cameras so you can get some pictures for your portfolios……and so you will remember how you did it.

You will want to take this newly learned talent back to your hometown so you can add some money making décor work to your clowning.


Super Balloon Workshop with Dana Hill, Frank Bunton & Alison Root

Welcome to where imagination rules and your skill level doesn’t matter. Our instructors are eager to provide hands-on learning opportunities for beginning intermediate or advanced balloon twisters. The energy level is unbelievable when balloon artists get together to share what they know. Be prepared to surprise yourself at how much you can learn. Please bring your own balloon pump and some balloons!


12:00-1:00: Lunch available on site for only 5 bucks! Drink, chips and an entrée.


 12:00-5:00 KCD Clown Store opens. You must have a badge to enter        


5:00-7:00 Dealer Room Closed & Dinner on Your Own   
7:00-7:15     Convention Kick Off: Announcements, Raffles and Intros!                    

7:15-7:45     Face Painting & Balloon Contests: Simple Face Design 3 minutes, Full Face Design 5 minutes, Single Balloon 3 minutes, Multiple Balloons 5 minutes. Balloons Competition: You may use glue, markers, tape or other items for your creations. The audience will vote with written ballots!                                 
7:45-8:00     One Minute Dealer Show with Riz                                             

8:00-10:00   KCD Store Shopping Time


Saturday November 4th
8:00-10:00 Registration Open 

8:00-6:00   Clown Store Open

8:30-8:45   Morning Devotions with Colleen                                                       

Class A: Comedy Magic for Kids with Riz                                                
Class B: Warm Ups & Walk A Rounds with Tim & Bobby                         
Class C: The Magic of Restaurant Business with Dana Hill
Class A: Stage “Presence” with Michael Britt & Hope Holmes                                                 
Class B: Zany Clown Skits with Chris Burton                                         
Class C: Big Yuks for Under 5 Bucks with Dave Hill
11:30-1:00 Lunch at the church available with shopping. Drink, chips & Entrée for only 5 bucks!



Class A: Missionary & Nursing Home Clowning with Colleen Fouts

Class B: Comedy Improv for Clowns with Hope Holmes                                      

Class C: Worlds Easiest Clown Magic with Dave Hill



Class A: The Business of Children’s Parties with Mary Ann Ross

Class B: Ministry Skits with Colleen               

Class C: Interactive Games with Balloons & Magic with Dana Hill



Class A: Fundamentals of Face Painting with MaryAnn Ross

Class B: Fun Puppets for Everyone: Dave Risley                               

Class C: Clown Theatrics for Clowns with Hope Holmes                                      

6:00-8:00   Dinner, Raffles, Awards and A Comical Evening with The “Blues Brothers” with the Dynamic Duo of Colleen Fouts & Hope Holmes as MC’s!


9:00-10:00 Last chance to shop the KCD Store!

Sunday November 5th
9:00-9:45     Class A: Easy Pocket Magic with Riz          

                     Class B: Fun Walk-A-Round Restaurant Entertainment with Bobby & Tim               

10:00-10:45 Clown Worship Service with Hope, Chris, & Len 


Don’t Forget to Hand in Your Evaluations & Thank You For Attending!


            There is No Audio or Video Recording permitted without permission.