Kentucky Clown Derby Schedule

Honoring Tom E. Boy!

Featuring Recommended Classes for Fire Safety Presenters


Thursday November 12th

8:00-10:00 Registration Open – Lower Lobby

8:30-8:45  Morning Devotions: Chris Burton – Elliot Room

9:00-4:00  Pre-Convention Classes: Performance Skills for the Serious Entertainer!

Additional fees required: please see registration form


Super Balloon Jam with Spangle the Clown & Mike Root – Elliot Room

“Adding the WOW to your Balloons”

This class will be on adding some WOW factor to your balloons. It will teach you how to make that dollar balloon turn into a five dollar balloon.  How to WOW your clients so they can see your value. How to make the Balloon person down the road say WOW I wish I could do stuff like that. This will be a hands on class bring your balloons and your pumps.


Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos with Angela Gonzalez & Chaney’s – Byron Room

This class will focus on basic strokes and tools needed for face painting.  The class provides a lot of information about the kinds of brushes to use for what designs, the difference in different brands and types of approved face paints, and other supplies and accessories used in face painting.  The first part of the class, we will practice basic brushstrokes and different paint-loading techniques and learn some simple cheek and hand art designs.  The second part of the class, we’ll explore how to use sponges and other applicators to cover the face quickly for a full-face design.  We will then learn some basic full face designs any beginning painter can easily master.  Glitter Tattoos: This class will take a look at glitter tattoos. You will see first hand how this is done and how you can increase your income through this. You will see equipment and how to use it.

 12:00-5:00 KCD Clown Store opens. You must have a badge to enter        
6:30-6:45   Staff Meeting

8:00-10:00 Clown Store Open

9:00-10:00 KCD Clown Casino: Play, have fun and then bid with your “winnings” for fun prizes!  Not real money but real fun! – Elliot Room                                                    


Friday November 13th    

8:00-10:00 Registration Open Lower Lobby

Additional Fee Required for Pre-Day Classes

8:30-8:45 Morning Devotions with Michael Britt – Elliot Room

9:00-4:00  Pre-Convention Classes: Performance Skills for the Serious Entertainer!

Additional fees required: please see registration form

Clown Ministry with Rick, Monica & Mike – Wordsworth Room

The Gospel in Greasepaint: Looking to get started in Clown Ministry? Or, are you looking to grow more in the one you have?  Then this is the class for you! An intensive look at every aspect of what it means to truly “Clown for Christ.” This class is a fast moving, packed full of information, fun antics, demonstrations on gospel magic as well as how to build a gospel show. More fun than outta be legal!


Puppet Making/Performance: Rob Aquino (mats. included & limit 10) – Churchill

Students will learn the essentials of what is needed to put together a puppet show. They will participate in making a hand and rod puppet in which they will keep as their own. Also, participants will learn about scripts, stages, audio recordings, props and puppet manipulation. Later that evening, the puppeteers from the class, will perform a pirate style puppet show in front of an audience. Students are urged to dress in black with black hoodies if possible.


Advanced Face Painting with Angela Gonzalez – Byron Room

This class will explore some effective techniques and newer products that will take your face painting to another level.  We’ll experiment with arty brush cakes and one-stroke painting, rainbow cakes, glimmer powders, liquid bling, shadowing/smudging for dimension, and nose artimation ®.  This class is not for beginners; you must have some basic knowledge of brushstrokes and paints.  But you do NOT have to be an expert; anyone can learn something from this class, no matter what abilities you bring with you.  We’ll also provide some tips and tricks on creating designs faster without surrendering the “WOW” factor, managing lines and dissatisfied customers, and making a lasting impression in a short amount of time. 


The Gift of Joy: Nursing Home/Hospital Clowning with Penne – Dickens Room

Nursing homes and hospitals are two of the best venues to touch the lives of others.  Whether clowning one-to-one or presenting programs as a group, clowning brings smiles and laughter to those whose daily schedules are often routine and uneventful.  In this workshop we will cover a variety of topics such as making arrangements with facilities, planning your visit, using effective and appropriate walk-arounds and props, planning programs, meeting special needs, working with families and staff, and even how to start a clown troupe with nursing home residents.  This workshop will have a sharing format so please bring your experience, ideas and 1 or 2 props you have used, or are thinking about using, to show others.  In the afternoon we will go to a local nursing home to spread laugher and gentle interaction.


Balloon Décor with Chris Burton – Elliot Room

9:00-10:30 Boot Camp for Beginning Balloon Decor – The basics for understanding how to create and make money on basic decor items.

10:30-12:00 Under The Big Top – Stage Decor – This will be a hands-on learning experience creating a fun-filled Stage for the party to come!

12:00-1:00   Lunch on Your own

1:00-2:30 Come On Down – Entrance Decor – Another hands-on class building an entrance all party goers will love.

3:00-4:00 Picture Perfect – A hands-on opportunity to build a balloon wall that will provide a great place for pictures during your event.


4:00-6:00     KCD Store Shopping and dinner on your own
6:00-6:15     Convention Kick Off: Announcements and Intros! – Elliot/Byron
6:15-6:45     Parade, Face Painting & Balloon Contests – Elliot/Byron     
6:45-7:15     One Minute Dealer Show with Riz – Elliot/Byron

                     Puppet Construction Class Performs

7:15-8:00     Womanless Beauty Pageant & Who Will Walk the Plank? – Pool Area

8:00-10:00   KCD Store Shopping Time

8:00-8:15     First Timers meet with DJ Ehlert – Elliot Room

Saturday November 14th
8:00-10:00 Registration Open Lower Lobby

8:00-6:00   Clown Store Open

8:15-8:30   Morning Devotions with Hope – Elliot Room


Class A: Comedy Magic for Kids: Dave Risley – Elliot Room
Class B: How to Plan a Hilarious Show of Improv with Tom & Jessica King – Byron
Class C: Balloon Sculpture 101 with Spangle – Wordsworth Room
Class D: How to Pose for that Perfect Photo with Bobby – Dickens Room


Class A: Clown Skits with Chris Burton – Elliot Room                                 
Class B: Gospel Magic As I Use It with Steve Varro – Byron Room
Class C: Clown Movement with Penne – Wordsworth Room

Class D: Glitter Tattoos with Monica & Rick –  Dickens Room


Class A: Stage “Presence” with Michael Britt – Elliot Room
Class B: Gospel Magic: My Favorites with Steve Varro – Byron Room
Class C: Fun Puppets for Everyone: Dave Risley – Wordsworth Room
Class D: The Sound of Music: Performance Music with Colleen – Dickens Room 

12:30-1:30 Lunch on your own 

Class A: Braintastics: Creative Thinking Strategies for Skits and Fun with Penne – Elliot Room
Class B: Parades & Props with Walter Slaymaker – Wordsworth Room
Class C: Dress for Success! Clown Costuming with Chaney’s – Byron Room
Class D: Websites 101 with DJ Ehlert – Dickens Room



Class A: Face Painting 101: Angela Gonzalez – Elliot Room
Class B: Storytelling for Clowns with Riz – Byron Room
Class C: Overcoming Performance Anxiety with Colleen Fouts – Wordsworth Room                                         
Class D: Easy Magic for the Absolute Beginner with Tim Stark – Dickens Room


Class A: The 3 Faces of Clown Makeup with Chris – Wordsworth Room
Class B: Never Give Up, Making Challenges Profitable! Tom & Jessica King – Byron
Class C: Easy Magic for the Absolute Beginner with Tim Stark – Dickens Room                                         
Class D: Your Clown Voice with Michael Britt – Elliot Room


7:00-10:00   Dinner, Raffles, Scholarship Auction, Awards and A Comical

 Evening: Steve Varro as Harvey Barfenfloss, Tom E Boy & MC Duffy – York Room                                          

10:00-11:00 Last chance to shop the KCD Store! 


Sunday November 15th
9:00-9:45     Gospel Clown Skits with Chris Burton – Byron Room

                     Magic: A Tricky Business with Steve Varro – Dickens Room
10:00-11:00 Clown Worship Service with Penne & Staff – Elliot Room
11:00           Hugs, Handshakes, & Handing in your Evaluations


12:00-5:00  Mr. & Mrs. Santa Business with Steve Kissell, Chris Burton, DJ Ehlert and Santa Spangle


* Please Note: Events can sometimes change at the last minute and that causes the schedule to be altered. In the event that something does change we will make every effort to inform you. Thanks!


            There is No Audio or Video Recording permitted without permission.


See you next year November 2016 – Coloring the World Happy!